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Mediation Law


Mediation Law

Many people think that court is the only answer. But mediation offers an alternative to achieve a “win-win” solution to conflict. Attorney Roman is a Certified Mediator and her role in this process is to guide participants through the relevant issues, and facilitate the discussion of realistic solutions through brainstorming, experience, and attentive listening.

Family mediation is a voluntary, out-of-court dispute resolution method which allows participants to discuss and resolve specifically family-related issues in a focused, thoughtful, and creative way. Mediation is practical because parties have more joint control over the outcome than if they go to court, and because mediation limits emotional and financial cost of litigation. Examples of situations where mediation is useful are, for instance, in the negotiation of pre & postnuptial agreements, unmarried parents, same sex couples, marital mediation, divorce, child custody & support, estate planning, probate mediation, elder planning mediation, and family business mediation.

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